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Coming of double-digit GDP growth warning
          Time:2011/12/9 Hits:5444

According to the latest quarterly economic analysis of a State Council meeting, the NPC Economic Commission is to be 14, 15, held a quarter of the economic situation of the meeting. Development and Reform Commission, the central bank and other departments have had intensive preparation in the economic situation and policy recommendations report information. In the first quarter economic data will be the direction of monetary policy, a key factor.
Economic development trends faced with many choices, the RMB appreciation is enough to raise interest rates. Relationship between China's economic development focus of the global economy. There is now facing many social problems, whether the right solution, how decisions are a top priority.
According to the experts who analyzed the first quarter year on year GDP growth rate may exceed 11%, even approaching 12%. Once these data, early warning of economic overheating, the central bank might resume raising interest rates. Interest rate on the impact of foreign trade is also huge. Do magnets for furniture export potential contraction of foreign trade companies. Coming of double-digit GDP growth rate of many of the issues warning to expect the national introduction of effective policies and measures.

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